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A British Petter diesel - 3.5 horsepower at 3600 rpm!


Look at the air filter - look at the air filter housing - check out the stencils - this little diesel has hardly entered the workforce!! The photos show that this little rope-start engine has done "bugger all" work - it is in outstanding condition! If you need a 3.5 hp motor, you probably couldn't go past this one!!

There is a bit of a story as to how/why we have this engine! We bought it second-hand to do a job which a customer required. He then decided that a "Chonda" (Chinese Honda) would be cheaper so this little gem remains with us! We often wonder how (in fact, if) the Chonda is performing, but that is his problem - and to some extent, his behaviour didn't surprise us - ironically, he was "one of those" - one of the "whinging Poms" brigade!!!

Phone Alan on 0409 126 102 or email him at PistonPumps for further details.

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