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These documents have been collected over a number of years and are provided without charge for the benefit of those people needing information to operate and/or repair/maintain their piston pumps, or just seeking information in general. Many thanks are extended to various customers and site visitors who have generously provided a number of the following documents - without their assistance, this listing would not be as complete as it is - again, many thanks!


Exploded Diagrams:

Ajax piston pumps A2 and A3

Ajax piston pumps A2 to A6

Ajax self-oiling piston pumps brochure

Forrers - standard and high-head piston pumps

Southern Cross piston pumps

Southern Cross high-head piston pumps


Technical Specifications:

Pump Capacity

Pump Weights

RPM calculator to convert to strokes per minute


Technical Information:

Trouble Shooting

Air and Suction Chambers

Diagram - Exploded View


Operator and Instruction Manuals 

Ajax pump brochure

Ajax A1-1/2 Piston Pump Installation and Maintenance Manual

Ajax Piston Pumps Spare Parts List and Instruction Booklet (A1.5)

Ajax Installation, Operation and Maintenance Instructions and Spare Parts List

Billabong Hudraulic Rams - Product Brochure - Misal Technologies Pty Ltd


Billabong Hudraulic Rams - History - Misal Technologies Pty Ltd

DGM catalogue extract - two pages - 1959

Forrers Geared Self Oiling Enclosed Power Pumps Instruction Book

Forrers IBC Geared Self-Oiling Power Pump Specifications Pamphlet

Forrers Power Pumps specifications and information

Honda GX120, GX160 and GX200 Owner's Manual

Lister CS Engine Manual

Mitsubishi Air-Cooled Engine Handling Manual

Mitsubishi Air-Cooled Engine Operation Manual

Operating Instructions and Spare Parts List for Villiers Motors (published 1957)

Petter Diesels Operators Handbook

Southern Cross Catalogue Extract - undated - Piston Pump Performance Table

Southern Cross Catalogue Extract - 1946 - Open-Geared Pumps

Southern Cross Catalogue Extract - 1946 - Geared Self-Oiling Power Pumps

Southern Cross Catalogue Extracts as at 01 October 1969

Southern Cross Geared Self-Oiling Power Pumps Instruction Manual

Southern Cross 3-1/2 hp Diesel Mark EF-D Instruction Manual

Southern Cross Instruction Manual - Self Oiling Power Pump

Southern Cross KH Instruction Book


Southern Cross LY-D clutch - Instructions to fit to EF-E and EF-H diesel engines


Southern Cross Piston Pumps parts information


Southern Cross Pump Performance Tables


Southern Cross AN Piston Pump Instruction Book


Southern Cross Pumping Tables - KH-E to KH-J and AN-I, AN-k and AN-L


Southern Cross Catalogue Extract - 1946 - AN-E to AN-L pump specs and prices


Southern Cross Catalogue Extract - 1946 - open geared pump and hand pump specs


Southern Cross YB and YC Engine Manual


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PLEASE NOTE: Any and all information and specifications on this website are provided for the convenience and information of general users. Piston Pumps emphasises that such information and specifications need to be used for guidance only. Potential customers remain responsible for ensuring the capacity and performance of any pumps would be sufficient and suitable for their intended purpose. Piston Pumps will not accept any responsibility for any errors which may be included in the information provided, nor for any omissions in regard to product features or specifications.

For convenience and ease of delivery, ALL pumps are delivered "dry" - oil MUST be added to the gearbox prior to first use.



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